What We Do

Click’s Primary Directive has always been delivering superior publicity for our squad of entertainment partners, particularly in the digital space. That said, our capabilities also include: all manner of PR services, marketing integration, promotion concepts and execution, creative asset creation and trafficking, on-site event management, campaign design and consultation, social media management, social advertising, graphic design, crisis management, ancillary event and project implementation, budget assistance, presentation creation, media training, hand holding, hair braiding, origami folding, recipe tasting, balloon art making, butter carving…. Name it. We have it covered.

Why You Hire Us

Because We Take Care of You!
Click clients aren’t paychecks; they’re Partners. We bring our expertise to each project, of course, but we like to try to walk in our clients’ shoes for a bit as well, just to make sure that our goals align. As we work towards those shared objectives, we also do our best to make sure we’re anticipating and meeting needs along the way. After all, we feel we’re in the business of well being as much as anything else. And yeah, if that means literally holding hands sometimes, we’re up for it.

Because We Take Care of Our Press!
Just check out our Compliments page. And not for nothing, journalists know when they’re being played, or leveraged, or shined on by insincere publicists. By the same token, they know that if a pitch comes from Click, it will be informative, concise, positive, and hold the promise of timely follow-ups and authentic support of what we’re pitching.

Because We’re Crazy Creative!
If you were to peek into the collective brain that is Team Click, you’d see an overwhelming trove of experience, knowledge, relationships and fresh ideas. When a client asks, “What can we do here?” We dive into brainstorming with glee, mining treasures that yield truly outstanding results. In short: Most. Creative. Agency. Ever.

Because We Do What We Say We’ll Do!
After all, anyone can come up with ideas and hand them off to a client. Team Click likes to roll its sleeves up and actually create. When we say we’re prepared to take something from concept to execution, we mean handling everything from the timeline, vendors, and budget, to standing in the Click kitchen mixing the Frobscottle (true story).