Sean Elliott

“With great power comes great responsibility.”
~Uncle Ben, Spider-Man

Sean Elliott is Click’s resident Family Man and Blogger Whisperer. He works with clients like Disney and DreamWorks Animation to create fun and engaging content that truly resonates with parents and kids, while maintaining strong relationships with Click’s ever-increasing trust of bloggers and family outlets.

He started his Click career as our “Sean-of-all-trades,” building a combination of promotional, social media and publicity experience that made him uniquely prepared for the family space he inhabits today. Hailing originally from Wyoming, Sean kicked off his career in entertainment as a journalist for various pop culture sites, as well as an accomplished costume designer.

Costumes remain a passion of his, and with a partner that works for Bob Mackie, Sean is never more than a stone’s throw away from amazing glamour. They are also both avid collectors, and their home is filled with all things Sci-Fi, Doctor Who, and comics, including a Spider-Man collection that dates back to the first issue of “The Amazing Spider-man” from 1963. Somewhere among the art, toys and collectibles you can also find their dog Harley Quinn and their cats Isis and Oscar.

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