Marie Remelius

“Music—you know, true music, not just rock n roll—it chooses you."
~Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

Marie Remelius’s wealth of PR experience comes from years of working in the film, home entertainment and music industries. She brings twelve years of experience as Carl Samrock Public Relations’ Senior Publicist to her role at Click, where she’s in charge of all our Warner Bros. campaigns. She’s generated high-profile publicity for everything from The Wizard of Oz to the Harry Potter franchise, and brings her unique brand of positivity and professionalism to every campaign, junket, or red carpet event she manages.

Marie started her career in publicity at Capitol Records, and quickly moved on to the Mitch Schneider Organization, then Marketing Factory Ink before finding a home at CSPR. Her tales of working with artists including Depeche Mode, Green Day and the Backstreet Boys make all of her Click colleagues jealous (but we still can’t get enough). The Los Angeles native holds a BA in Journalism, emphasis in Public Relations, from California State University, Northridge.

Outside of the office she’s a self-proclaimed soccer mom who’s logged countless weekend hours at the many playing fields across southern California along with her husband and two kids. She’s done enough improvements on her home to have every aisle in the hardware store memorized, loves to read, and in the odd quiet moment you can find her taking in one of her favorite TV shows with her rescue pups Finn and Lucy Belle.

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