Mac McLean
Partner, Publicity

“I ain’t got time to bleed.”
~Blain, Predator

Mac McLean is a digital publicity pioneer, an entertainment industry veteran, and a walking, talking movie database. His depth of knowledge, stemming from the duality of being an experienced professional and a die-hard fan, is what makes him a unique and talented entertainment publicist. Click’s commitment to excellence, passion, and creativity all stem from Mac, the way he works, and his expectations of our team.

What sets Mac apart most, however, is he doesn’t just take care of business; he takes care of our clients. While his executive role often sees him directing strategy, there is nothing he loves better than rolling up his sleeves, troubleshooting problems before they arise, and crafting unique successes for our clients in ways they may not have even imagined. (If he could, he would duplicate himself Madrox-style and manage every campaign element himself.)

His finely tuned instincts (or “Spidey Sense”) come from decades of experience. He started his career in radio promotions, then quickly found a home with Terry Hines & Associates in Seattle, running successful theatrical promotions throughout the Pacific Northwest for studios such as Disney, DreamWorks, MGM and Focus Features. When he relocated to Los Angeles in 2003, he carved out his niche specializing in online media for Buena Vista Home Entertainment, and started building relationships that have only strengthened to this day. He and his wife Dinah founded Click Communications based largely on the strength of those relationships in 2007, and since then Mac has handled or overseen PR for the launch of thousands of entertainment properties.

As for his passion for entertainment (which was ignited as a kid in the 80s when he quit sports because they interfered with cartoons), it has only grown. He still maintains a personal library of nearly 6,000 movies and TV shows (yes, hard copies on shelves), and loves nothing more than introducing his son to his favorite movies, cartoons, toys and comics.

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