Erica Hulberg

“I’m right on top of that, Rose.”
~Sue Ellen, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

From crafting the budgets to spoiling the office dogs, when it comes to the operations of running Click, Erica Hulberg manages it all. Among many other tasks, she works with everyone we pay and everyone who pays us—unless we’re volunteering in a charitable capacity, in which case she handles that, too. She’s been known to speak affectionately to her QuickBooks reports and Excel spreadsheets, and loves nothing more than discovering a more efficient process or system for her Click team and our clients.

In addition to her positive, can-do attitude, she brings more than 15 years of administrative and management experience to her role. She’s worked in the inside track alongside studio executives, helped manage small businesses and built operations departments from scratch, all of which (plus a healthy sense of humor) round out the skills she employs at Click.

Outside the office, Erica is a news junkie who peruses everything from CNN to Gawker to keep up on all manner of current events. She also enjoys tending her garden, finding new recipes, and spending time with her two rescue mutts Mojo and Bella.

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