Brigid Margeson

"I just think it’s really sad that you’re afraid to lose to a girl."
~Jenny, “The League”

Brigid Margeson’s all-time favorite author is Charles Dickens, so it’s only appropriate that she maintains and meets the Great Expectations she sets for herself and her work. (It also explains why her adorable little rescue dog’s name is Pip.) Click encountered Brigid at the beginning of her career in PR, and has been privileged to witness her evolution into the savvy, conscientious, and efficient Publicity Manager she is today.

Whether she’s leading Click’s fleet of publicists or overseeing successful campaigns for studios including Universal and Lionsgate, Brigid balances a unique ability to keep an eye on the big picture while executing on every last detail. Her drive to succeed coupled with outstanding organization and communication habits mean she’s almost never set a deadline she couldn’t meet.

Her experience as a publicist in the entertainment industry in the last decade spans film, television, home entertainment, documentaries, and cutting edge digital releases. She’s overseen all manner of projects, ranging from digital publicity support on the big studio project to publicity lead for a new web series launch. She’s more competitive with herself and her past work than anyone, and loves tackling new challenges head on.

When she isn’t leading Click’s Chicago office, she spends her free time with her drummer husband and their dog, attending concerts, jogging, and watching too much television. She holds a B.S. In Marketing from the University of San Francisco, enjoys entertainment with a dark edge (e.g. “Breaking Bad”), and has one of the best laughs you’ve ever heard.

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