When preparing for any adventure, it is always wise to pack the necessary equipment and clothing you will need in order to survive, be it shark repellent or a bullet-proof vest.  The same goes for Comic-Con. Based on our own personal experience and a few tales of head and foot injuries, we have assembled a special Survival Kit that will help you get through the Comic-Con experience intact.

In fact, one lucky Comic-Con attendee will win the Click Survival Kit, Survival Guide and our custom Nerrrds shirt, all of which we will hand-deliver onsite! Check it out:

*Comic books not included.  Those are mine.

*Comic books not included. Those are mine.

So cool, right? The kit itself includes some essential items that will help prevent sickness, restore energy and repair any damage taken during your tour of duty, including:

Band-Aids: Paper cuts, blisters, things happen!
Painkillers: Get some relief from screaming Twihards or simply the fuzzy memories of last night’s party.
Vitamins: Protect yourself from the Nerd Flu.
Mints: Make sure those fan w00ts are minty fresh.
Anti-Bacterial Wipes: For anything you don’t want to touch or anything you didn’t want to touch you.
Chapstick: Be ready for a lip smack of any kind!
Sharpie: For that perfect autograph and last minute notes.
Granola Bars: A little fuel for your fire.
NERDS Candy: After all, you are what you eat!

Our handy Survival Guide will give you a rundown of many of the new geeky things you might see in TV & film in the coming year as well as other odds & ends, including our 5-page “How to Speak Geek” lexicon.  You can also download a pdf version of the guide for digital devices!

HOW TO WIN: Just send an e-mail to info@teamclick.com and tell us what you are looking forward to seeing the most, and what size shirt you’d like! (Your options are WM, WL, ML, MXL, MXXL, and they run a little small)

We will draw the winner on Thursday and hand-deliver it to you during the convention.

Good luck and Happy Comic-Con Week!

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