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Happy Birthday to US! This week, Click Communications celebrates 5 years in business. What started as a simple solution for providing online outreach for publicity campaigns has grown to encompass digital marketing efforts and social media strategies as well. As our capabilities have expanded, our commitment to our Work Hard Play Hard ethic has only deepened. Join us in a trip down memory lane as our staff recalls their individual Top 5 Favorite Campaigns or Moments Since Working with Click!


1. Click’s Comic-Con Survival Guide.  I have been the resident nerd in most companies I worked at for most of my life.  Being able to create this guide was sheer glee for me and it’s something I look forward to creating and sharing with everyone every year.  I’ve already got a list going for this year’s issue!

2. You’re Hired!  Beyond “allowing” interns to work for us in a previous agency, I had never actually interviewed and hired anyone before starting Click.  While sifting through mounds and mounds of ridiculous resumes can be a little disheartening, we have been insanely lucky in hiring such great people throughout our five short years and it’s been a pleasure working with them all.

3. Visiting Pixar, Winston, ILM and the ARL.  When you’re as big a film nerd as me, getting to see where some of the greatest design work is created is spellbinding.  I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Pixar multiple times for UP and Ratatouille, and the miniature work for the UP house was incredible.  At Winston studios, I got to see some of the Hammer Drones and a piece of the War Machine armor long before it was supposed to be seen.  ILM is littered with props from so many favorite childhood films like Innerspace.  The Animation Research Library is one of the coolest places to visit because you can see everything from an original frame from Steamboat Willie to clay maquettes from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

4. Star Trek, LOST, Voltron, Inglourious Basterds.  Red carpets and press events can be exciting, disastrous or boring, depending on a variety of factors, but some of my favorite moments have been meeting the geeks and Hey It’s That Guy actors.  So being able to hang out and talk with folks like Bruce Greenwood, Gregg Henry, Zoe Bell, Michael Emerson, Robert Forster, Kevin McKidd and Seth Green have definitely been highlights.

5. Meeting Optimus Prime.  While working on The Transformers, we were able to secure press for a lunch with Peter Cullen.  I’m not a professional writer, so adequately defining the sense of awe and wonderment when I got to sit with him for a lunch is a challenge.  He was magnificent.


Click Turns One!

1. Telling our family & friends that Mac & I were forming a company together and having them all unanimously respond, “It’s about time.”

2. Locking in You never know, when you name your company, if you’re actually going to get the URL you want for your site. We had to bid on ours in an auction, and when we won it I jumped up & did a giddy little happy dance right where we were working… which happened to be in the basement restaurant at the Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle. It just made things that much more official.

3. Our 1 Year Anniversary celebration. We made t-shirts, drank tequila shots out of limes, saw Iron Man. The first year flew by in a flash, but it still felt epic.

4. Runway for Life 2008. We worked this event with Disney, and it was a pretty typical talent-handling sort of affair. Except at this one, I got to meet Jon Hamm.

5. Click’s Comic-con Survival Guide. Every one of them. It’s highly unusual for a PR agency to create something—we usually just promote things. But we’re a creative, passionate bunch here at Click, and our Survival Guide really shows our clients & press partners what geeks we really are. Making the Guide is my favorite thing we do every year, and it just keeps getting better and better.


Iron Man

1. Iron Man – Just an enormous campaign for a movie that truly kicked off the Marvel Movieverse. My largest campaign to date and still one of the most fun.

2. Pulp Fiction & Jackie Brown – Classic films coming to Blu-ray that gave me the chance to chat with legends like Pam Grier and Robert Forster.

3. Chillerama – My favorite genre (horror) and getting to work directly with the four directors was insanely fun.

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – Amazing film and a campaign with tons of awesome features, angles, and talent.

5. Avatar – It was a ton of work, but well worth it for such a great film and campaign.


Comic-Con 2009

1. Streamy Awards – it was challenging, interesting, and fun; it was such a great experience working so closely with all the Click teamsters on this event.

2. Comic Con 2009 – My first ever Comic Con, it was overwhelming, exciting, fun, and a little magical. We attended parties, spent time with our amazing press and just had a blast being amongst “our people”.

3. Scarface Blu-ray Premiere – It was like being a part of history, 30 years after its initial premiere, seeing the cast/filmmakers sit and tell stories of their experience was a truly wonderful Hollywood moment.

4. Tinker Bell campaign – It involves so much work from so many different people/departments, and is so wonderful to see something succeed so well. Having now worked on all four Tink campaigns to date, it’s fun to know that I’ve been there from the beginning.

5. TV on DVD – I start working on the titles in January, and finish around November; it’s hours upon hours of time spent pushing through title after title, and at the end it’s such an epic sense of accomplishment


1. Emily performing the Hoedown Throwdown from the Hannah Montana Movie for the very first time at a Click backyard BBQ. (She still knows it! Ask her for a show next time you see her.)

2. Attending Comic Con with the Click Clique for the very first time in 2009 and staying at the Hotel Del Coronado – can you say Adult Pool?

3. Attending the press day at Pixar for the Blu-ray & DVD of Wall-E. They REQUIRE employees to participate in 4 hours of extra-curriculars every week!

4. Getting my groove on during an African Dance lesson with some fabulous mommies during our Lion King blogger day.

5. I am most proud of my dual campaigns for the theatrical 3D and home entertainment releases of Disney’s The Lion King. With an extended timeline, I packaged assets and rolled them out using creative ideas that have since been adapted for other campaigns, and resulted in one of the company’s largest campaigns to date!


Back to the Future
Back to the Future

1. Back to the Future Trilogy: 25th Anniversary Edition – One of the hardest secrets I have ever had to keep as a publicist was when I first saw the never-before-released Eric Stoltz film footage months before street date. It was like going back in time and in the words of Marty McFly, I knew that “history is gonna change” when we released that clip. Interest was so high online that it temporarily shut down several sites. The campaign culminated with an international press conference and cast reunion event – complete with the ultimate DeLorean cake from Ace of Cakes. Who knew it would be my “density” to help promote one of my favorite childhood films?

2. Scarface Limited Edition Blu-ray – “The world is yours” in PR when you have the opportunity to work with A-List talent and an iconic film. The campaign included a fan art contest limited edition hand-crafted humidor, multiple features and a party with the “Mang,” himself, Al Pacino! From the talent Q&A to a special performance by Ludacris and tasty treats from Border Grill chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, Clicksters, including myself, really enjoyed living large in Tony Montana’s world…for one night.

3. The Big Lebowski Limited Edition Blu-ray –
Achievers united when the cast was brought back together for this special release of the 1998 Cohen Brothers cult comedy at the 10th anniversary of Lebowski Fest Thousands of costume-dressed fans descended on the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York to worship at the temple of The Dude. The love and White Russians were freely flowing at the sold out event where the boisterous crowd did not hesitate to chime in with their favorite quotes and give multiple standing ovations for the cast during the 45 minute chat. For those who couldn’t attend, the campaign included a live feed of the Q&A via LiveStream.

4. Fast Five – Concerts and screaming fans at premieres are nothing compared to the roar of engines revving at Nascar. The campaign included the Fast Five 225 race at the Chicagoland Speedway with Tyrese and Jordana Brewster and has the distinction of being the loudest event I have ever worked. It was as exhilarating, fast and fun as the film, itself.

5. “Lost”: The Complete Collection – A collector’s edition set filled with a hidden disc, a BD-Live master’s degree program for die hard fans at Lost University and the new 12-minute episode “The New Man in Charge” was a fitting way to say good bye to the series that redefined television. The campaign included the box unveiling, interviews with Michael Emerson and the opportunity to watch some of the bonus features at the Lost props auction where fans could take home everything from Dharma Initiative can goods to that creepy Squirrel Baby. However, I still have questions…



1. Scarface has been my favorite campaign to assist with during my time here at Click. This campaign was a great learning experience on multiple fronts, from targeted research to working my first red carpet event!

2. The Lion King 3D Blu-ray release, working on a giant campaign such as this gave me insight into what Click Communications is capable of doing and trust me it is A LOT!

3. Danny Phantom was my first campaign that I got my feet wet in experiencing being a lead publicist. It was my first opportunity to draft a targeted pitch list and create assets to be pushed out across the web!

4. Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo, Ho Mateys Away! My first Disney pre-school title where I was the lead publicist. With help from our senior staffers, they taught me a great deal of how to handle bigger promotional items and proper asset roll out.

5. The Muppets, this was just a fun campaign to assist on, with all the hilarious parody clips, Muppet interviews and other creative assets.


Click Clique

1. Meeting my fellow Clicksters for the first time. We all got together to wish Brigid a fond farewell (tear), and I was just tickled at how warm and welcoming everyone was. I felt an instant connection to the team, and have since learned so much from all of them. We’re like a little family and everyday I am inspired by their hard work and commitment to one another and our clients. A gal can’t ask for much more than that from her fellow teammates.

2. 2011 Comic-Con Survival Guide. I became a Clicker at the end of June of last year, which meant we were in the thick of prepping our annual Comic-Con Survival Guide and kits. It was my first big project for Click, and it took a lot of work from all of us. I remember looking at the final edition of the guide and thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe my name is tied to such a masterpiece!”

3. Working the Scarface party. This marked my first encounter with a red carpet event, and boy was I over the moon. It was such a fun event to work with the rest of the gang, and being able to enjoy a Q & A with the cast, Scarface-themed cocktails and a performance by Ludacris was pretty much…the bees knees.

4. Scorpion King 3 press junket. I enjoyed working this event because it was my first press junket, and I learned a lot! I even got to sit in on some of the talent interviews, which was both interesting and enjoyable. That Bostin Christopher is a hoot!

5. Working on campaigns like I Don’t Know How She Does It, Lady and the Tramp, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. While my contribution to these campaigns were more administrative, I always enjoy putting together party kits for our press. They’re hard work, and require lots of organization, but seeing posts of kiddos in mustaches and pirate gear makes it all worth it. Adorable!



1. Dumbo – I wasn’t allowed to watch Dumbo when I was little for some reason (I’ll have to ask my Mom about that one haha) so I wasn’t familiar with the story or the movie. This campaign really allowed me to learn and understand why it was such a beloved classic! We had such great activities I had a “Week of Dumbo” rollout, fun contests and features, and Webex sessions with the restoration team!! This was my first really huge campaign at Click and I enjoyed every minute of it!

2. Prep & Landing – This campaign was like the little engine that could!! We didn’t have much but clips and contests and yet people LOVED this short and cute little DVD. I had MAD requests for it, and it just goes to show you that if people like the story (and it helps that it was holiday season appropriate!) then they will promote it. The clips were hilarious too!!

3. Cars 2 – I had worked at Pixar Animation Studios during the theatrical run of this film so it was nice to be on the other side, and also work on the home entertainment release. I had a TON of assets and Q&A’s and clips and activities and contests and slideshows, and character interviews, and talent interviews… I mean you name it, we HAD it for this campaign. And since it was such a beloved franchise, the press and bloggers were incredibly receptive. It was a lot of work, but it was fun to bookend my time at Pixar by working on the film one last time.

4. I Don’t Know How She Does It – I have no idea how she does it! Haha, the fun things we were able to do with this title from the Best Apps for Mom’s, to the mom kits for the Career Mom and the Mom On The Go (shout out to Julie and Haley for help with those!) made it a truly fun campaign! We had so many responses, I had never seen that many entries for our contests before! One site had over 10,000!! And while I’m still not quite sure how SJP does it, I’m glad we were able to engage our mommy bloggers with a film they ALL completely related to.

5. Texas Killing Fields – This title was a tough subject, with a great cast, and yet it was still at times a tough sell. The main reason why I enjoyed it so much was that it got me back to working in theatrical PR which I remember fondly.


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Campaign: This was the first campaign where I was able to put my true gift in life to good use: shopping. Finding cost effective yet entertaining items is clealry my calling.

2. I Don’t Know How She Does It: Once again, an opportunity to put together a kit for moms that involved a merchandise hunt. Of course, I am no mother, and I honestly don’t know how they do it, so input from Dinah was crucial.

3. Holiday Gift Guide: Researching sites with holiday gift guides was a ton of work. And while there were times I thought it would never end – you wouldn’t believe the amazing gifts I found while searching through hundreds of Holiday Gift Guides!

4. Lady and the Tramp: There were so many adorable promotional items and widgets being rolled I couldn’t help but fall in love like I was under the influence of my own bella notte.

5. The Hunger Games – Just proposing ideas for this amazing movie had me more excited than I have ever been. I can’t wait to see what comes of it!


Phineas & Ferb: The Perry Files

So many cool things have been happening since I started with Click 3 months ago.
1. I’ve really enjoyed working on “Phineas and Ferb: The Perry Files”, it’s a really funny show that’s just as appealing to adults as kids.

2. I’ve also really been enjoying working on a lot of the “New to Blu-ray” titles. A lot of them are older movies that I grew up watching, such as High Fidelity, Adventures in Babysitting, and Judge Dredd.

3 & 4. Going to see John Carter and The Hunger Games with the Click team on release day was a great experience as well. It’s great to go see new films with others who are equally enthusiastic about them.

5. Speaking of new films, I can’t wait to go see The Avengers with everyone this Friday. It should be amazing!

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