Is summer over yet?  As much as we love the summer for movies, the beach, and fun in the sun, we’re ready for the heatwave to end, and for the fall movie season to arrive.  Here’s your weekly reminder of things cool, cute, and industry relevant!

Possibly the most exciting intellectual nerd news comes out of TIFF where Lionsgate has agreed to distribute Joss Whedon’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.  Of course genre nerds get some candy with this news as the film features several nerd icons and performers who regularly show up in the Whedonverse.

Bronies have a reason to rejoice this week, as the recent Friendship is Magic release rocketed (or galloped) to the top of the Amazon charts.


Geoff Boucher of the popular Hero Complex blog for the LA Times, is apparently leaving the Times after he built the Hero Complex into an incredibly recognizable web presence.

Millions of sites that utilized Go Daddy crashed this week.  While hacker Anonymous originally took the credit, it seems that it was a server issue.

Genre fans will be excited to note that there’s a new installment of Boondock Saints on the way.

If you’re looking to spice up your raging kegger this fall we found the answer in this curious little keg assistant.

While we normally offer a little cute each week, we fear this week’s offering may almost be too much.

Comics fans were hit with the not-so-shocking news that another major character death will “change the way you view the Marvel Universe!” … or something like that. Wake us when something exciting happens.

If you’re in LA, are you headed to this weekend’s Comikazee Expo?  We are.

Finally, the newest trailer for Wreck-it Ralph continues to make us anxious for the film.

We feel so bad, cause we truly love our jobs.  : )

Have a great weekend Clicksters!

Wow, where did the week go?  It’s almost as if this week was somehow shorter than last week.  I wonder why….

In this week’s edition we offer some serious cute, look forward to the possible primetime return of a certain Amazon, and are bemused by workplace team building.

We Clicksters make it no secret that we love comic books.  One of our favorite artists is Amy Mebberson.  Amy has illustrated books featuring the Muppets, Strawberry Shortcake, and several Pixar characters.  She has also created a wonderful series of comic strips called Pocket Princesses which routinely manages to make the famed Disney Princesses somehow more hilarious and adorable.  Of course, sometimes the strip sees other guest stars as is the case in the newest strip.

You can see more of Amy’s work here.

In other comics related news, this weekend Baltimore will host the appropriately titled Baltimore Comic Con.  While nowhere near as large as SDCC, it does boast an impressive list of creators and events.

We’ll admit that we owned both the Power Glove and Rob the Video Robot.  Yet somehow, THIS NES peripheral escaped our notice.

It appears that geek TV network G4 is poised to rebrand itself closer to the GQ brand as a “Men’s Interest Network”.  We thought that’s what Spike TV was supposed to be.

While we at Click consider ourselves a great team, we understand the need for team building on the corporate level.  Still, we’re pretty sure this isn’t the gold standard.



We enjoyed the badawesome that was the most recent attempt to bring Wonder Woman back to TV in her own series, we are glad to see that the CW now seems poised to give Diana another shot at primetime.

20th Century Fox had already done something extremely unique with the DVD/Blu-ray preorders for Prometheus.  Now it seems they’re poised to push the home entertainment envelope even further with HD downloads several weeks ahead of the DVD/Blu-ray release.  If other companies copy this model, things will become very interesting for the Home Entertainment marketplace.

We’re excited to see Liam Neeson back for Taken 2 this next month.  We also got a kick out of this hilarious mashup trailer.



Finally, if you haven’t check out Google’s doodle today, do yourself a favor and head over now.  Have a happy weekend!

It’s Friday again.  Time for a new Click on This!  In this week’s episode ooh and ahh to a talented pup, laugh with mom bloggers who get a taste of what it’s like to be a Disney voice, and thrill to the newest craze, the Zombie Run.

Last week Click took select Mom Bloggers for a special day at Disney, where they got a first hand look at what it takes to create the memorable voices for animated classics.

Speaking of Disney, if you ever wanted to dress like a Disney character in your daily life, but a bit more subtle, have we got the blog for you!

With all the attention Zombie Walks around the country have been getting, it was only a matter of tie, before the craze had it’s own evolution.

There’s something both adorable and bizarre about a pooch that barks the Game of thrones intro.

Never let it be said that the Click staff isn’t talented.  Click’s own Scott Neumyer is profiled on the Muck Rack.  And is the new Wired Geek Mom contributor also Click’s Dinah McLean?  Watch out interwebs, we’re everywhere!

We’ll leave you with this adorable moment of snuggly Zen.  Have a safe and happy Holiday weekend!

As the summer movie season comes to a close, this week’s installment of Click on This takes a look at some BIG casting news for some of next year’s anticipated releases, shares some pet parenting tricks, and looks at some awesome art.

If you’re like us, you LOVE awesome movie posters.  Artist Adam Rablais has an amazing selection of alternate movie poster designs available for sale in his Etsy store.


Sam Claflin.  First he was Finnick.  Then he wasn’t.  Now he is. For reals this time.  If you have no idea what we’re talking about, read the Hunger Games trilogy.  (After you finish Click on This of Course.)

As fans of Lost, we grew quite fond of Mr. Echo as portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.  So w’ere extremely excited by the announcement that he’s joining Thor 2 as the powerhouse villain Kurse.

At Click, we love our dogs.  But as all dog lovers know, even the best pups can be a handful sometimes. And since it’s nice to share a laugh about our lovable, if often infuriating animal friends, we present Dog Shaming.  Enjoy.


In comics this week it was revealed that Superman’s newest love interest is none other than Wonder Woman.  For those of you wondering how Lois Lane feels about all this, fret not.  In the “New 52” Lois and Clark aren’t married or even dating.

We’d also like to let our readers know that this Sunday is the third annual Women Read Comics in Public Day.  So grab a book and get to readin!

We finish our comics news trifecta with this interesting article about superhero body physiques from some of the most celebrated male and female (yes, there ARE women working in Comics) artists of today.

What would Pokemon look like if it came from the mind of Tim Burton?  Artist Vaughn Pinpin answers that question with some inspired designs over on his tumblr.

We are saddened by the passing of Muppet performer Jerry Nelson.  Nelson performed and voiced some of our favorite Jim Henson characters, including The Trash Heap, Floyd, and The Count. Instead of being melancholy, we’d like to reflect on the endless hours of joy that Nelson brought to all of us, and leave you with this –



The Trash Heap has spoken indeed.

We’ll leave you with what we assume has Joss Whedon’s master plan all along courtesy of artist Will Sliney from the Gutters.

Have an awesome weekend Clicksters!



It’s Friday again.  And while we sadly won’t be spending the evening with the Tanners, we WILL be bringing you your weekly does of Click on This!  This week, we check in with champion of the studio system Joss Whedon, share our favorite Tumblr, and start getting pumped for Social Media Week in LA this year!


While Whedonites recognize their fearless leader for his continued bucking of the system, it seems that the man himself ISN’T too fond of independent cinema’s effect on his Blockbuster Boxoffice.



At Click we are fans of many of the awesome “one a day” T-shirt sites that proliferate the web.  We have plenty of shirts in our collection from Teefury, The Yetee, Ript Apparel, and even Threadless (not technically one a day, but they often have daily sales).  But this shirt may be one of our all time favorites.


It’s the thought bubble that sells it.  You can check out the shirt at Shirt Woot.


It also reminds us that we haven’t checked in with our favorite Tumblr in a while.  Do yourself a favor and check out the misadventures of T-rex and She-rex over at T-rex Trying for smiles, LOLs, and some good old fashioned, “Awwwwwww”s.  Our favorite remains T-rex Playing the Bongos.


A moment of somber, as we reflect on the passing of Geek icon Joe Kubert earlier this week.  Numerous websites and Blogs have paid tribute to the man who was a beloved illustrator and teacher.  We’re not artists, so we’ll just share our tribute via a fitting image crafted by one of comics greats himself.



When it comes to Comics, for fans it can often be hard to explain some of the more interesting character back-stories.  For fans in the know as well as the uninitiated, the folks over at LBFA! have created a hilarious and informative series Comics Everybody!  Their most recent offering tackles the convoluted history of Ms. Marvel.


Do you work in the social media space, or do you just want to get more likes and followers?  Chances are if, “yes” was your answer, you’ll see us at Social Media Week.  (Our entire online business model is REALLY just a front for learning all we can about being popular in cyberspace.)


This image reminds us all that we might need to wash our cars.  It’s also easily the best/nerdiest “Wash Me” we’ve ever seen on a car’s back window.



It wouldn’t be the internet without the cute, so prepare yourself for a double dose.


Here’s a baby elephant at an Oregon Zoo meeting a curious Sea Lion.


We leave  you with THE MOST ADORABLE Katniss Everdeen, well, EVER.



May the weekend be ever in your favor!

Is it Friday already? And why are all these people following us?  I don’t know, maybe they should call it “Stalker Friday” instead.  We kid, we totally #FFed them first!  In this week’s installment of Click on This, we share our favorite new meme, talk BlogHer, and share a treat for Browncoats and LEGO lovers!

Speaking of #FF, we were all impressed and excited by the Mars Rover news, even if the pictures weren’t quite what we expected.



However, it seems that Curiosity itself is kind of snarky, and has taken to Twitter.  Our favorite so far: ‘PLAN 2 FROM OUTER SPACE: Everyone flashmobs PLUTO… dress like PIRATES, dance to C+C MUSIC FACTORY. Pluto is all WTF?’  We suggest you follow along and laugh with us.


We sent some reps to BlogHer, and apparently they were able to bring home great swag … for their pets.


Continuing with industry news, Fast Company has a fun piece introducing the faces behind some of the biggest brands on Twitter.  Of course we were slightly crushed to discover that the Tweep behind Hornitos was NOT a masked wrestler, OR this guy.


As we watched the Olympics, we expected to see records broken and truly beautiful performances.  But who knew that the medal ceremonies would birth a new meme?

Of course, when asked to comment Courage Wolf, Nyan Cat, and Honey Badger were all similarly “unimpressed”.


Casual admirers will be impressed at the scale and time taken to construct.  Browncoats will smile at their favorite series being expressed in such intricate detail.  LEGO builders will marvel at the scale of the project.  But Browncoats who collect LEGOs – like yours truly – saw our jaws drop when we came across this.


Finally, we leave you with some adorable hilariousness.



Have a great weekend Clicksters!



Ah, True Believers, you’ve made it to another Friday, which means it’s time for another edition of our world famous (at least to our grandmothers) edition of Click on This!  You see, we know how busy you are, and realize that not everyone really has the time to scour the net for better ways to avoid doing work while staring at your computer screen.  So each week we comb through the most hilarious/sometimes-relevant-to-our-industry stories and bring you the best.  This week we double down on cute, cute, and cute; share true tales of Brony unity; and look at Kevin Bacon future Olympic hopeful.

Oh Jerry Springer, how you’ve fallen . . . even further.  Still, doesn’t it seem like staging fights between Ooh La La and his multiple paramours isn’t as bad as incurring the wrath and scorn of the Brony Nation?

While the internet isn’t ALL sneezing baby pandas, it does provide plenty of adorableness.

For you Star Wars fans, Etsy shop The Octopus Tree House currently has some awesome prints of the sweetest “li’l villains” we’ve ever seen.

“My, baby Jabba, what big eyes you have!” “All the better to tug at your heartstrings…”

No really, do yourself a favor and check ’em out.

We at Click have LONG been fans of papercraft … well … crafts …  and these new additions by Qooplo really seem to exponentially expand upon the inherent cute factor.

We’ve all had bad nights before, but it’s less “baaaarf” and much more “awww” when it’s our four legged friends who are all partied out.

Pugs Like to Party Down


On the business tip, while we may find issue with the moniker “Original Ginger” (we feel like there HAVE to have been some redheads kicking around somewhere before) we did find this guide to sizing images properly for all your social media sites incredibly informative.

Finally, as we continue to watch the Olympics with the rest of the world, we can’t help but speculate on future events.  Ideally ones feature Kevin Bacon.  And his adorable dog, too!


Kevin Bacon on WhoSay



That’s all for this week!  Have a safe and happy weekend!




It’s Friday, which means we’ve all survived the week again, possibly with helpful and timely distractions we found online.  We at Click love the interwebs, and once a week we bring you our readers the things that caught our attention.  Some items are work related, some simply induced smiles. This week we head over to Think Geek for yet another item to add to our geektastic X-mas wish lists, ponder the DARK KNIGHT RISES, and make LA sports fans jealous with what we did on Thursday night!

Wondering what to get your favorite Clickster this year for Chrismakuh?  Look no further than this snappy accessory from the fine folks at Think Geek.  It’s an even better gift than if you just attempt a new strategy and “let us win” at every game.

We’re not 100%, but feel confident enough that the following photo is NOT a fake.

We’ve had a full week to digest Christopher Nolan’s final film in the Bat-verse.  While reviews are a mixture of good and not so good, we Clicksters have enjoyed our lively debate this week.  What did you think?  Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

We’ll buy the CW giving us yet another take on a DC superhero in Arrow, but we are mystified by the talk of a series based on Battle Royale.

You’ll note we aren’t always overly sentimental, but for some reason the trailer for LIFE OF PI nearly made us cry when we saw it this week.

Finally, what did you do last night?  We had a blast at the awesome LA Integrated event hosted by our friends at Adler Integrated.  Lakers, Clippers, Sparks, and Kings fans, feel free to be jealous of our view if not our jumpshots.  Lets just say that no one at Click will be testing free agency any time soon.


Finally, we assume we won’t be the only ones watching some of the events from London over the next several weeks.   What’s your favorite Olympic moment?

Til next week, bon Friday friends and enjoy the weekend!








Every day the staff here at Click are finding and sharing links they find interesting. Some are industry relevant, some are just good for a chuckle. This week we take a look at Item 47, Christian Louboutin’s Cinderalla-inspired slippers, and some of the best smooches in film!

-A first look at the top-secret Avengers short film, Item 47. W00t!

-If you’re heading to San Diego next week for Comic Con, we certainly hope you’ve entered to win your very own Click Communications Comic Con Survival Kit. May the odds be ever in your favor.

-Reason #9,583 why we love Etsy.

-Last week, Click’s Jackie Cavanagh attended the U.S Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials in San Jose for the upcoming movie, An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars.

-One Star Wars enthusiast has taken on a weekly photo project called “52 weeks of Star Wars”, which features Star Wars characters recreated in iconic images.

-Ever wonder what happened to that sweet lil’ Dora The Explorer? Well, she’s all grown’s up, and breakin’ language barriers (and skulls) like never before!

-Raise your hand if you’ve been a good little girl this year! Good enough for a $20,000 pair of crystal encrusted Cinderella-inspired slippers created by Christian Louboutin?

Cinderella Christian Louboutin’s

-Who needs Words With Friends when you can play Sonic the Hedgehog and other awesome vintage video games on your iPhone?!

-Pucker up! It’s International Kissing Day. Take a look at some of the best smooches from the big screen.

-And, finally, Your Weekend Moment of Zen: Meet Lil Bub, she’s proof that every last one of us are perfect just as we are.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Every day the staff here at Click are finding and sharing links they find interesting. Some are industry relevant, some are just good for a chuckle. This week we countdown to Comic-Con, applaud the releases of TED & Magic Mike, and because we think you’ve worked super hard this week, we give you Two Moments of Zen! W00t!

TED hits theaters today, and we can’t wait to bask in its comedic glory. Take a look at this hilarious clip on how Seth McFarlane used motion capture technology to bring Ted to life.

-How movie theaters SHOULD be laid out.

-The Star Wars that I used to know:

Pulp Fiction, in chronological order. Sweet!

-Everything we ever needed to learn in life, we learned from TV. Okay, maybe not everything.

-Not like you really need an excuse to dress up like Spider-Man, but just in case you do:

-Attention Los Angeles locals! If you’re a fan of “Arrested Development,” we recommend checking out this art show. But, “no touching.”

-Hey horror fans, how much do you love Universal for this?

50 reasons to see Magic Mike this weekend. As if we needed anymore reason to do so.

-It’s almost here! It’s almost here! The countdown to the 2012 Click Comic-Con Survival Guide and San Diego Comic-Con is on! Check out 18 awesome exclusive collectibles being offered at the Con.

-And, finally, Your Weekend Moment of Zen: We love you so much that we’ve decided to give you TWO Moments of Zen this week! That’s right folks, twice the smiles, and twice the amount of heart warmth:

-Pretty sure it’s time for Click to adopt a baby sloth as a mascot. (you should have seen Mac melt into a pile of butter when he first laid his eyes on this)
-Two little girls discuss the worst haircut ever. Simply adorable.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!