Is it Friday already?  I guess when you spend Tuesday opening presents and spending time with family (or however you chose to celebrate) the week can fly past quickly.  We hope you got everything you asked for.  For those who didn’t, we humbly offer the best of this short week on the interwebs.

For anyone who got coal, we suggest spoiling yourself with either of these awesome T-shirts courtesy of Red Bubble and Shirt Woot.


This week saw some amazing acts of kindness and kinship on the web as well.  One terminally ill Trekker may get to see the new Star Trek Into Darkness before any of us thanks to Reddit and JJ Abrams.

One comic shop owner facing financial hardship is getting a boost from several industry vets in the form of original art to auction off.  The whole thing was organized by Bongo comics Bill Morrison.

The comics industry also celebrates the birthday of The Man.  If you don’t know who that is, well, you probably won’t recognize his voice either.

Not all news from the comics world was good.  Peter Parker just can’t catch a break.  If it isn’t his marriage being disolved by Satan, it’s Doctor Octopus pulling a Freaky Friday and causing his demise. Poor Puny Parker…

Superhero fans did get a new glimpse at Iron Man 3 with Marvel’s holiday post however.

You'd think Tony would at least wear a scarf...

You’d think Tony would at least wear a scarf…


Finally, fans of ZomRomComs got a treat with the release of the first four minutes of the upcoming Warm Bodies.

Hope the weekend treats you well.  And f you’re in the snow like Tony, grab a stocking cap at least!

Today seems like a good day for a happy distraction.

Just one or two, or three…. or 13 new faces to welcome to our screens.

Because we’re still nerds, and we think it’s important to remember that something cool happened today, too.

With that, we have a pressing appointment.  Something about a ring and John Watson?  I dunno.  In the meantime, enjoy this video of a dog driving a car.


There’s a chill in the air (it’s a California-Cold 66 degrees here in the Valley, and colder in the Beach Cities!), we’re preparing to offload excess junk as white elephant gifts, and we have a strange craving for gingerbread and eggnog that only seems to pop up one month out of the year.  As we head into the weekend, let’s take a second to look at the interesting, fun, and adorable that was this week on the interwebs.

Forbes has once again published a list of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood.  This list should surprise exactly no one.  Conversely, Buzzfeed has published their list of the most influential Korgis on the internet.

A SERIOUS Korgi Cosplayer would’ve sported the scar as well…

As more and more people flock to tumblr, MTV takes a look at the most Gifable moments this year.  We’re pleased to see that a little Loki/Hulk is featured.

While rumors persist of a Ghostbusters 3 – we’re not holding our breath – those desperately in need of a new ghostbusting fix can breathe easy with news of a new mobile game from Capcom in the works.

In news of the adorable, these Hello Kitty / Streetfighter mashup toys are available.  Our favorite HAS to be Zangeif.  How can you NOT love the combo of bow + chest hair + beard?!?

We make no bones about wearing our humanist hearts on our sleeves at Click.  So, it should come as little surprise that we are all for giving a shout out to a worthwhile Kickstarter project focusing on not being afraid to be outspoken about your feminism that our friends at Comics Alliance are currently trumpeting.

While there has been some great discussion about gender roles in nerd inspired media of late, sometimes the best medicine for the somewhat negative stereotypes of women in the nerd mediums is simply a kick-ass female hero. As such, we give you Delilah Dirk.

Looking to improve productivity at work or home so you can spend more time searching for adorable baby animal pics online?  No need to fret, there’s a handy list of the 20 TED talks most likely to improve productivity.

Finally, we’ll leave you with a favorite holiday tune that has been re-imagined.  Frankly, we’re all for musical re-imaginings when they involve The Roots.

That’s all for this week.  Happy weekend!

It’s been two weeks since our last edition of Click On This! We hope you had a lovely holiday.  We know we did!  In this week’s post we talk Academy Awards, animation news, and bid a fond farewell to our friends’ somewhat awkward odes to 70s styles.

While the ceremony itself is still a few months off, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the finalists for this year’s Visual Effects Award.

Animation fans got some interesting tidbits from creators about a Roger Rabbit sequel as well as news of a Family Guy movie.  Unfortunately both tidbits were of the vague variety and not actual studio announcements.  Still it’s exciting none-the-less!

In stranger news, the folks at Imagine Entertainment have announced the board game version of popular romance novel 50 Shades of Grey.

We predict it will be a hit at kids’ parties everywhere!


Exciting casting news for Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film was overshadowed by a bit of an internt controversy surrounding the film’s helmer James Gunn. After the fallout, Gunn issued a very aware, but succinct apology.  With so many in Hollywood issuing forced apologies, it’s nice to read one with such sincerity.

In case you missed it, the viral marketing campaign for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming giant monsters versus giant robots film Pacific Rim kicked off this week with a teaser video and robot blueprints.

Finally, we end Movember and say goodbye to a bunch of moustaches and welcome back the naked upper lips our Facebook feeds are filled with every other month of the year.  According to founder Adam Garone, the campaign started like many humanitarian efforts do: as a bar bet.  So far the campaign has raised over 126 million dollars for cancer research; no stats are available on how many relationships have been negatively affected by poorly grown homages to Burt Reynolds.  For those coping with the loss of their facial hair, we offer this helpful how to video.

That’s all for this week.  Enjoy the weekend Clicksters!

Aloha Clicksters!  We’ve come to the end of another week.  We’ve got new official words, exciting nerd news, and world records to discuss!

After much fanfare, the Oxford English Dictionary has chosen the American English word of the year: GIF!

And Tumblr rejoiced at the validity this gives them!

So the next time your grandmother tells you its not a real word, you can tell her, “Uh huh, it SO is!”

This week in nerd news, we learned the identity of the Star Wars Episode 7 screenwriter, got a glimpse at the Dark Elves from Thor 2: The Dark World, met the newest agents of SHIELD, and all breathed a collective sigh of relief that the FINAL Twilight film opens this week allowing us to go back to our old petty nerd squabbles and ignore the legions of squeeing Twi-hards!

Perhaps dismayed Twilight fans can turn their attention the the world of sports, and in particular the exciting activity of the Guinea Pig long jump and the exploits of adorable record holder Truffles.

As film fans, we were excited that FX makeup king Rick Baker is finally being recognized with a well deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We also appreciate that Rick is supporting Movember in his own way.

Finally, as we shift our holiday hats away from pumpkins, costumes, and candy, we thought we’d leave you with a little Thanksgiving treat and a song to sing next week!

You’re welcome?  Have an awesome weekend!



There was some kind of vote this week, People’s Choice Awards we think, and some exciting news for Star Wars fans.  Plus a little movie opens today that we’re kind of excited for.  Without further delay, let’s Click on This!

In addition to news about possible scribes and story details, this spoiler footage from the newest Star Wars addition has been making the rounds.

Frankly we’re kind of shocked there isn’t more CGI.

A father decided that his daughter shouldn’t have to play her favorite videogame as a boy, and decided to reprogram the game to make Link a young lady.  You know, like ya do.

As Buffy fans, we were psyched by the news of a Willow and Oz reunion!*

*Okay so it DOESN’T happen in Sunnydale. It’s still cool.

While this year has yielded some amazing flicks, there have also been a lot of flops.  This great article takes a stab at some of Hollywood’s worst excuses for terrible films.

Probably the biggest news of the week though is that Skyfall has finally arrived!

In honor of 50 years of Bond on film and the movie opening today, we asked the Click team their favorite films from the series.


Octopussy!  Certainly not the best, but it was the first one I ever saw in a theater and will always be the most memorable.


Dinah – GoldenEye – Casting Pierce Brosnan as 007 injected new life into the Bond franchise, and the choice of Judi Dench as M was inspired. Though I also have to give honorable mentions to Goldfinger—Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore is so badass I can hardly stand it—and to The World is Not Enough. Yes, Denise Richards as nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones is one of the silliest & most preposterous things I’ve ever seen, but the Garbage theme song totally rocks and the video is amazing.

Sabrina – GoldenEye for the same reason, well that and because the theme song was by Tina Turner!

Julie – Goldeneye!  The opening sequence alone just thrilled me.  The breathtaking bungee jump, the motorcycle flying through the air, AND the sound of Tina Turner?!  Pure magic.



Dre – I’ve seen all of 2 1/2 Bond films (1 Brosnan, 1 Craig, and 1/2 of a Connery), so I’m by no means in a position to pick a “Favorite Bond Film,” but I have opinions about everything, so I suppose I can offer my 2¢.

Pierce Brosnan is an excellent bad ass spy- swoon worthy pectorals and serious gun toting swagger. I saw The World is Not Enough, and liked it, despite the ridiculous notion that Denise Richards is a rocket scientist or whatever. Quantum of Solace had me on the edge of my seat, giving me at least 12 heart attacks during the opening sequence, so I’d have to give that film and Daniel Craig two big thumbs up as well. A well-dressed good-looking martini-loving guy that is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and drives a fast car never gets old. Nearly 20 films later, I’m guessing I’m not the only one of this opinion.

Kim – I have a few fav Bond films.. But its really all about that man for me!  First I love me some Sean Connery in Goldfinger

I Also have a soft spot for Tomorrow Never Dies… Bond is in love with Lois Lane… I mean Teri Hatcher… I mean Paris Carver.  I think I’ve probably watched that film 20 times.

And finally Daniel Craig in shorts… in Casino Royale.  I was certainly glad he was the pick to revitalize the franchise.



It was my first theatrical introduction to the franchise.


Dr. No, two words – Ursula Andress.


I’m actually not a huge Bond fan or aficionado, but I’d choose From Russia with Love as my favorite. Connery rules and it’s the best Connery Bond film (if not the best Bond film overall) there is.


As a poker fan, the Texas Hold-Em scene is every player’s dream scenario.  To win with a straight flush on the last card, with the stakes that high, was amazing!  Add in incredible action, a classic Bond film twist, and Daniel Craig’s debut as the most bad-ass 007 yet, and you’ve got my favorite Bond film.



Oh, I went there.  Here’s the thing.  I’m easily the biggest Bond fan on staff, and have logged multiple viewings of every entry – thank you TBS marathons.  Watching Bond films – at least for me – forms a cycle.

First it was a way to bond, pun slightly intended, with my dad.  I may have preferred to watch Star Wars again, but could enjoy the fun that Bond provided as well.  As I got older, and really got into action films, it was easy to take delight in the epic action sequences.  Now though, as a fan and somewhat serious student of film and political science, I look at the Bond series as a window into the racial and gender politics of our collective national psyche.  Viewed through THAT lense, really the only choice for a progressive Bond is Roger Moore.

With the exception of Britt Eckland and the ladies from the opening sequences, every Moore Bond Gal is self sufficient, and tough.  In every film there are notable examples of Moore being saved by the ladies.  Additionally there are strong minority characters and environmental themes.  Yet the films still have the hard drinking, action packed, sexy feel of earlier and later entries.  The Spy Who Loved Me is the quintessential Moore entry.  There’s a larger than life villain and henchman, a ridiculous plot, amazing gadgets, and my pick (and Ringo Star’s) for top Bond Gal: Agent Triple X. Also the car turns into a submarine.

There you have it.  Do you agree with our picks?  Tell us yours in the comments below, and have a spytacular weekend!

We like “The Monster Mash” as much as anyone, but it’s a shame the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is reserved for December.  Yes, we’re hurrying to complete all the last minute tweaks to our costumes.  (Gallery to come next week!)  But, it hardly seems fair to deny you your weekly dose of interweb goodness, so without further ado, here you go!

Want to be a part of the Click Team?  (Who doesn’t?)  Here’s your chance!  Warning do NOT apply if you are allergic to nerds or people who LOVE their job!

There are any number of feel good stories every day around the web, but how could we NOT mention this gem about a bunch of window washers who gave the kids of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee a wonderful visit from their friendly neighborhood Spider-man and other Marvel heroes.

Speaking of Marvel heroes, it’s possible you saw THIS once or twice already but we had to include it here, too.  We’re not too excited yet, but May is still a long way off.

If you haven’t made your Halloween costume yet and are planning on going store-bought, Comics Alliance has a handy “What Not to Wear” guide for you.  We found the “Angry Birds Princess Leia” to be particularly horrifying.

Speaking of horror, our strategic partners at Adler Integrated got themselves nice and scared at LA’s Haunted Hayride.

If you’re looking for a special gift for that young (or young at heart) Lego maniac this Halloween, may we suggest these Monster Fighters?

Or, if you need a way to keep the Halloween Spirit going after next Wednesday, there’s a Zombie Shootout in Southern California on November 3rd.  We could pretend that we knew it benefited charity when we bought our tickets, but that would be disingenuous.

Finally, there’s Zen, and then there’s Tom Hanks.

Cut it out indeed.  Have a great weekend Clicksters, and a safe and Happy Halloween!

There’s just something wonderful about October.  For those Clicksters outside of LA, there’s lovely foliage to admire and a crisp chill in the night air.  For EVERYONE there’s Oktoberfest and the greatest holiday of all –sorry Crismakkuh–HALLOWEEN.  In this week’s entry of Click on This we get a jumpstart on Halloween, wish our favorite web-slinger a Happy Birthday, and join Troy and Abed for a musing on what exactly “October 19th” means.

My what a big card you have!  Peter Parker celebrated his 50th birthday this week by breaking the world record for most signatures on a Greeting Card.  Over 2,700 people wished the ole wall-crawler Happy Birthday on the closing day of New York Comic Con this Sunday. Well done Webhead!

Of course we WON’T be wearing a body suit for our 50th.

Obviously there’s no topping the original.  But not everyone can afford to head to Munich for 16 days.  If you’re wondering wether there’s an Oktoberfest celebration near you that’s worthy of your time, fret not.  Here’s a list of the Best American Oktoberfest celebrations.

In our app based society we often see things previously relegated to actual artists boiled down to their essentials and then handed to the rest of us for mass consumption.  Photo-manipulation and autotune are now joined by which puts the power of creating Inofgraphics in everyone’s hands.  And then our favorite graphic designers wept.

The Click gang got a head start on Halloween this year.  We found no clues and solved no cases.  But we DID have Scooby Snacks!

That’s Velma, Fred, Daphne, and is that Adam Duritz of Counting Crows?

With all our Halloween prep, we’d almost forgotten that this week Community was set to return.  Of course, then it didn’t.  We wondered how such a thing could transpire when we were assured that the show was returning on October 19th.  Luckily, Troy and Abed are here to help.

Finally we bring you your weekly moment of “Awwwww”.  Meet Moses, the orphaned 7 month old Elephant who now sleeps in the same bed as his Foster mom.

Of course this behavior will NOT be as adorable when he’s 7 YEARS old.


That’s all for this week!  Happy October!

It should come as no surprise that the self confessed nerds of Click are HUGE fans of Halloween.  In this week’s edition of Click on This, we talk haunted houses, dressing up your pets, and make every horror fan who doesn’t live in LA a little jealous.

Do you think this timely new offering from awesome poster crew Mondo is epic?  We do too.  Unfortunately, unless you live in LA, or are planning on visiting the weekend of the 27th, you won’t be able to score this limited edition print.  The print by itself probably isn’t enough to make you wish you lived in LA.  But it turns out it’s only available when you attend a double bill of the classic Halloween and it’s sequel on glorious 35 millimeter prints.  Oh yeah, and some guy name Carpenter will be there.  Tix are pricey, but the whole thing is for charity!

In a terrifying tale of life imitating art, filmmaker Michael Gallagher has learned the hard way that you do not want to mess with 4Chan or Anonymous.

This is just dust in our eyes, and we are not crying because of reading this fantastic Calvin and Hobbes sequel strip by the guys at Pants Are Overrated.

Please pass the tissues.

Fans of Toy Story will be happy with the news that next year will see the characters on TVs everywhere in an all new Halloween themed adventure called Toy Story of Terror.  We can’t wait.

Disney/Pixar has also launched the website for Monsters University.  We assume you all want to enroll as well.

Flavorwire has a fascinating article that showcases some amazing behind the scenes footage from some of the greatest films of all time … and also Avatar.  (We kid.)

We LOVE haunted houses, but the reviews for Blackout in NYC and LA make us a little wary.

New York Comic Con goers who love Doctor Who AND Disney’s Princesses can get this epic print from Click favorite artist Amy Mebberson.

We childless Clicksters assume that everyone has kids so that they can play with Lego Ninja Turtles and – Lego wannabe –  KREO GI Joes.

We’ll leave you with some zen.  And by zen, we of course mean the Pug Avengers.


Stay classy Clicksters!



Happy Friday, friends! We’ve successfully made it through another workweek, and you know what that means. It’s time for your weekly dose of interweb glory. This week we bow down to the folks at Mondo, join the fight to stop nerd-on-nerd crime, and give you two doses of heart warmth to get your weekend started off right!

Be still our Tarantino lovin’ hearts! This week, Lionsgate announced the November release of a ten disc/eight film Tarantino Blu-ray box set. Oh, and it gets better. The set comes with incredible artwork, courtesy of the talented folks at Mondo.

A thousand thank you’s to the geniuses behind the YouTube group “Bad Lip-Reading.” They worked their magic on The Hunger Games and it’s hilarious!

If, like us, you’re a fan of nerdy TV shows, but haven’t successfully convinced your loved ones to join in on the geeky goodness. Rest your troubled minds! Nerdapproved has assembled a “how-to” on effectively describing your favorite shows to help achieve your desired result.

Speaking of nerds, one of our favorites shares his disdain with geek-on-geek crime! “Can’t we all just live long and prosper?!”

What better way to celebrate the release of Bait 3D on DVD/Blu-ray than with a remote controlled shark?

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s a SHARK!

Needless to say, it was a big week for Apple as they released iOS6 just a few days before the iPhone 5 became available for purchase. Techcruch discusses the highs and lows of the software upgrade.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to send some zen, heart warmth, giggles and glee your way to lead you into your weekend with a smile:

“Stephanie Tanner” had Mr. Bear, “Linus” had his blanket. Be it a plush toy or pillow, if you grew up with a security blanket of your own, you can imagine how devastating it would be if your beloved friend were to go missing. Watch as one boy is reunited with his long lost toy, “Ah-Ah”. It’s okay, we cried too.

Watch out “Babe” and “Wilbur,” this amazing lifesaving pig is giving you a run for your money in the adorable department.

Have a great weekend!