Unless you’ve been living in a cave (like you do), you’re aware that the Oscars are very nearly upon us!  We here at Click would like to share our favorite Oscar experiences/stories/general wackiness.

But first, some fun facts you may or may not have known about our bald golden friend, Oscar:

1) Thomas Edison, yes THAT Thomas Edison, (inventor of the lightbulb, phonogragh, and motion picture camera) was awarded the first Honorary membership to the Academy in 1927.

2) During World War II, in order to support the war effort, the Academy handed out plaster statuettes instead of the customary metal ones.  When the war ended, winners could trade up for the traditional metal man.

3) For the 61st Academy Awards (1989), the Academy replaced the phrase “And the winner is…” with “And the Oscar goes to…..”, which is still used to date.

4) Oscar winners and their heirs, if for any reason, decide they no longer wish to retain their award, must first offer to sell their statuette back to the Academy for the grand price of $1; if a winner refuses to agree, the Academy keeps the statue.

5) The original nude model for the Oscar statuette was a former Mexican revolutionary living in exile in LA, taking bit parts in films.  Emilio Fernandez, who appears in 1969 Western, The Wild Bunch posed nude for statuette designer Cedric Gibbons in 1928.

And now, a trip down memory lane…


While many watch the Oscars to see who wins the coveted golden trophy, many like myself also watch it anxiously waiting to see what the stars are wearing. As Joan Rivers would flag on her E! “Fashion Police” show as “Street Walker” or “Starlet?” I’m all eyes on best, worst and the downright outrageously dressed. One of my most memorable Oscar moments was when Comedy Central’s “South Park” creators attended the award show in 2000. Trey Parker imitated Jennifer Lopez’s revealing green Versace gown and Matt Stone flaunted a look mirroring Gwyneth Paltrow’s pink Ralph Lauren dress they both wore at previous ceremonies. Trey even sported a fabulous wig to match his look. It was hilarious! And, who could forget Bjork’s swan she picked up from the nearby lake that she wrapped around her body. Sorry Bjork, Black Swan didn’t make it’s way on screen yet in 2001.  I did however, love Halle Berry’s gorgeous Red Elie Saab floral dress she rocked in 2002 where she won her first Academy Award and was the first black woman to win an Oscar for Best leading Actress for Monster’s Ball. Excited to see what fun surprises we’ll get for 2013!

Trey Chic

Trey Chic


One of my favorite Oscar memories is attending the Academy of Friends Gala in San Francisco.  Everyone dresses up and enjoys food and wine provided by amazing Bay Area establishments.  The Academy Awards are broadcasted on numerous screens throughout the venue so you do not miss a second of the show.  It is a great evening full of entertainment and glamour and the best part is the proceeds of the Gala benefit Bay Area HIV/AIDS organizations.  If you are reading this and live in San Francisco I highly recommend purchasing a ticket.


Every year the Oscars bring about heartbreak, upset, and yelling at the TV for not picking my favorite actor, score, or film.  Except when Marisa Tomei won, that was awesome.  Part of the fun of Oscar night is witnessing pop culture in the making.  My favorite part though is paying homage to pop culture from the past.  The “In Memoriam” section is always very emotional for me.  Seeing a montage of clips and images illustrating the proudest people in entertainment makes me proud to be a film nerd.  Coupling a beautifully arranged song like when Queen Latifah sang “I’ll Be Seeing You” with clips of our beloved entertainers always manages to get me teary.


If you know Mac & I well, then you know that we throw a party for the Oscars every year. The party that our friends enjoy today was born in 2002, which is the first year we rolled out a “red carpet,” the first year we started the betting pool  for the winners (and booby prizes for whoever got the least amount right), and the first year we started naming food after movies. This detail is important because in 2002 Will Smith was nominated for his role in Ali, for which we decided to serve punch.

We had a dickens of a time finding a punch recipe we liked. We didn’t want a red Hawaiian punch, we didn’t want any sherbet in it, we didn’t want it to be too ridiculously sweet. We just wanted a yummy punch. Ultimately Mac just ended up throwing some vodka, rum, some assorted juices & some 7-UP into a bowl. The result was nothing short of spectacular. A year later our good friend Therese asked us if we would be serving the same “funch,” and we were like, “What?” And she said, “You know: it’s fun! And it’s punch! Funch!

And just like that, Funch was born. We have been serving it at our annual Oscar Party ever since.


Funch: You can’t drink just one bowl.


I spent the 2003 Oscars watching the live telecast at 3AM in London.  It was the year that Lord of the Rings: Return of the King swept 11 wins.  For every one of Peter Jackson’s wins I jumped up and cheered.  At my third or fourth rejoicing cheer the old building security guard, Hippy Bob, came down to make sure I wasn’t being attacked.  Once he realized I was just watching my version of the World Cup he smiled at me and wandered off, checking back in occasionally for the winning tally for LOTR: ROTK.  Despite the bizarre viewing time and the oddity of sharing this experience with a complete stranger, I have never forgotten the feeling of elation for Jackson’s 11 wins, and sharing the moment with Hippy Bob.

One statue to rule them all...

One statue to rule them all…


My Favorite Oscar Memories never have anything to do with the ceremony itself.  Sure the speeches are cool, and the outfits are cool, but for me the Oscars is always about who you’re watching it with.  And in that instance, my favorite memory of the Oscars will always involve the wagering that goes into betting on the winners and losers.

Winning a few fozools is cool, sure.  But for my money, my proudest achievement will always be at the 2011 official Click Academy Awards Party when I missed all but two categories and walked away the biggest loser!  My prize pack included the year’s worst films like Marmaduke, Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, and The Bounty Hunter!  So this year if you’re looking to win, check out who I’m voting for and vote the exact opposite!


The 2007 Oscars were particularly memorable for me, as I had watched The Departed no less than 2,378 times that year.  Watching Martin Scorsese win “Best Director” after being shut out multiple times in years past was truly a blissful moment.  There’s nothing quite like seeing one of your favorite directors win a much-deserved Oscar for their stellar work!

A few honorable mentions go to the co-creators of “South Park”, Matt Stone and Trey Parker for walking the red carpet dressed in drag back in 2000, as well as Bjork in 2001 for her swan gown.  Let your freak flag fly! 😉

I won, I won!  I finally won!

I won, I won! I finally won!


I used to work for a PR firm that served as the awards consultants for Warner Bros. We had been working for 6 months on The Blind Side, having screenings, receptions, Q&A’s, you name it!  It was hard work but some of the best times I’ve ever had working… Sandy was the best, even though she joked “let’s go get that biotch Meryl,” it was truly nothing but a lovefest between her and Ms. Streep every time they saw each other. So its Oscar day, the Best Actress category comes up, I’m sitting on a couch at my friend’s Oscar Party and I’m freaking shaking. Forrest Whitaker gives his tribute to Sandy first, and is followed by the 4 other presenters. I keep thinking 6 months of work down to this moment… Sean Penn walks out and takes his freaking time, and nominees are finally announced again. I’m holding my breath and I keep thinking, Meryl’s going to get it, oh man, it’s her year, I can’t breathe. And he announces her name “Sandra Bullock.” I let out my breath and I swear several tears at the same time, while frantically texting my colleagues “we freaking DID IT!!”  It was finally over, and we did it. She was on that stage, looking FAB in her Marchesa couture. It was awesome… I knew I loved my job!

Take that, Meryl!

Take that, Meryl!


Oddly enough, I think the happiest I ever was with someone winning as Oscar was Denzel’s win for Training Day.  Much to Andy Serkis’ chagrin, King Kong still ain’t got sh*t on Denzel.  But beyond the actual show, which can be entertaining (more so with Funch), my favorite activity is photoshopping movie posters to go along with our punny food menu.  “Apocalyptaquito” is still my favorite. (Oh, I also went to a dress rehearsal for the 1995 Oscars and got glared at by Oprah because I was accidentally tapping her chair with my foot. That was funny.)

What'll be the fave this year?  We're not telling!

What’ll be the fave this year? We’re not telling!


My first Oscars in Los Angeles were what you might call auspicious. A journalist friend of mine invited me to a party that was being hosted by the owners of a small home entertainment PR firm, whom she told me were “super chill and the kind of PR people you’d actually want to hang out with”. This was the first time I met Mac, Dinah and most of the Click team in February of 2010. Little did I know that a few short years later I would join their ranks and become a Clicker myself.

Being a recent transplant from Europe, this was the first time I watched the whole telecast during waking hours and boy was this the place for my maiden Oscar voyage! In addition to the main big screen in the living room there were two additional viewing areas: the outdoor tiki hut (gotta love SoCal weather) and the hushed “screening room” where online reporters were writing and filing their stories. I was warned that quiet murmurs were acceptable in the screening room but anything louder would have you booted out. The menu was inspired by the nominated films and some of the punny gems included: The Blackened Swan, True Grits, The Sausage Network and The King’s Peach.

This February 24th I’ll be surrounded by Clickers once again for the Oscars! This time around I will proudly be one of them because it’s true, sometimes, things just Click!


My favorite Oscar memory is not one that I saw when it aired live, but one that I’ve revisited many times online. The moment when The Silence of the Lambs won Best Picture capping off their incredible run of winning the “Big 5” Oscars. It’s a great moment for what I consider the greatest film of all time.


One Oscar moment that has always stayed with me was when The Swell Season won for “Best Song”.  Falling Slowly is a great tune, and their story is an inspiring one for all independent artists.  On a small budget, these musicians (who were unknown by most of the public) put the movie Once together for $100K (not a lot of money to make a movie).  Next thing you know, they are winning awards at Sundance and then receive an Oscar.  WOW.  Dreams do come true I guess!  You may also remember Marketa Irglova’s acceptance speech being cut-off by the orchestra, and later host Jon Stewart let her come out and finish it.  I always thought that was cool of him, and a great Oscar memory to say the least.

They won an oscar, once!

They won an oscar, once!


One Oscar moment I always looks back to, Jeff Bridges acceptance speech for Best Actor in Crazy Heart at the 82nd Academy Awards. In the style of Jeff Lebowski: “Mom and Dad, yeah, look! Whoo! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for turning me on to such a groovy profession.” That Oscar memory particularly sticks out because I witnessed Bridges’ acceptance speech for the same role at the Spirit Awards that year.  He truly personifies THE DUDE!

You owed me for Lebowski!

You owed me for Lebowski, man!

Football! Superheroes! Jewelry! Dinosaurs!  All in this week’s guide to the awesomeness on the the internet.

While we bid farewell to this up and down NFL season, Pixar animator Austin Madison, offered a full series of pieces based on the most memorable confrontations.  Savvy fans will smile at all the pop culture jokes Madison slipped in.

For those six of you who didn’t watch the big game, which once again set new records over the weekend, you missed a few things.  Those things included this Will Ferrel gem, a blackout that some brands capitalized on to great effect, and a half time show that saw Beyonce’s publicist’s sad attempt to remove all unflattering photos of her client from the web.  This of course made said photos go viral, and led to such wonderful memes as this:


Oh internet, you so crazy!

Unfortunately, it seems like the Justice League also can’t catch a break, as the newest rumors have Warner scrambling for answers after the recent script commissioned received less than favorable reviews.

Fear not though, if you’re looking to change the fate of the Justice League and the rest of the free world, a certain organization is stepping up their recruitment efforts.  We wonder if our expertise in PR will benefit their Mass Device Initiative.

This week, we also got wind of a few things we NEED.  Including this awesome Star Wars inspired cameo, these fantastic Marko Manev Super Hero Noir Prints:



And maybe the greatest dinosaur toy ever!  Please make a note as Click’s birthday IS coming up in May.

In other dinosaur related news — yes, it’s been a busy week for dinos — we’ve heralded the joy that is T-rex Trying multiple times before on this blog.  Those in the LA area can catch a signing and reading with the man responsible tonight at Skylight Books.  If you head out, look for us and say hello.  You know, when you are chortling.

We’ll leave you with a belly laugh in the form of this fake oscar campaign video for Anne Hathaway.

For our friends out East, stay warm and happy weekend!

Welcome to this February 1st 2013 Edition of Click On This, in which we ruminate on getting older and talk about the big event happening this weekend!

As card carrying geeks and nerds, we all get a little introspective at times.  Some of us Clicksters are Potterheads, some are Bronies, most can tell you the many difference between the Stars (both Wars and Trek) and all of us are supposedly grown-up.  Right?  Over at The Marysue, Becky Chambers offers some thoughts on why some of us seem to refuse to let our tastes “grow up” like the rest of the world.

For those looking to hang onto that childhood link, Bow Peeps offers some awesome hair accessories like this epic Wolverine inspired bow.


A bow that’s the best there is at what it does… and what it does is accentuate your new doo!

In gearing up for this weekend’s big event, we offer this teaser of the new Iron Man 3 trailer set to premier during some boring sports thing.

While Iron Man 3 may be one of the more highly anticipated super hero films, back in the late 90s, the world and burgeoning internet fan base was on pins and needles waiting for Super Man Lives.  By now, most know the film never made it to the screen.  Though most of the actual facts exist only as whispers and legends, one person aims to shed a little light with a kickstarter campaign to produce a documentary collecting all known information of the failed production.

Ever wonder what superheroes do with their pets?  Artist Phil Jones offers his thoughts.


We had him pegged for a Dog person…

For those who prefer more interaction with their superheroes, Game Informer has new info on the upcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game.

Is that a mashup of two wonderful things in Sesame Street and Downton Abbey?!?!?  Yes.  Yes it is.

As if we didn’t love Jennifer Lawrence enough, her recent stopover at Jimmy Kimmel Live proved she’s entertaining even when sick and slightly drunk.  We forgive her the slightly drunk; it IS Kimmel after all.

Finally, for this week’s moment of Zen we offer Hamlet the pig and his quest for oatmeal.

Happy weekend!


This week the internet saw almost its entire feed hijacked by news from a galaxy far, far away.  But there were also other news items, images, and videos of note.  Welcome to this week’s Click On This!

The aforementioned news from that galaxy is that Star Trek Into Darkness helmsman JJ Abrams is set to step behind the lens for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII.  What will the film look like?  We can hazard a guess…


From this feed https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151432934410985&set=a.90448825984.112048.605795984&type=1&theater

In stories that give us the feels, one young Batfan with leukemia got the thrill of a lifetime from Batman himself Christian Bale.  No these are not tears, why?

Could Facebook be making you miserable?  A new study suggests it just might be.

If you need a pick me up from the Facebook Blues, Netflix is filling its site with teasers for the upcoming “Arrested Development” Season 4.

For non-fans of the series in need of smiles, we offer (besides our distrust) this excellent shirt from our friends at Woot!  Just give it a second to sink in…


Ever wonder why there isn’t a better selection of character underwear for girls?  One father’s novel approach to the issue is to just buy his daughter boys’ undies.  Truthfully no one uses the front flap anyway.

College humor has a fun image that perfectly captures the stages we all go through when our internet service is interrupted.

We don’t know what you drink.  But this beverage would seem like the obvious choice for geeks who shop for alcohol based on label alone.  At least until someone makes a Batman riding Bruce while fighting Darth Vader riding a velociraptor on The Grid.  ‘Cause that would be amazing!

Good or bad, some of these “life hacks” are pretty ingenious!

Those who watch ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live know of his feud with star Matt Damon.  Damon finally gets his revenge.  We’ll leave with this video of his opening monologue.

Happy weekend!

We’re officially knee deep in 2013.  We’ve even stopped writing/typing the twelve and then having to change it! … mostly … While last week saw the noteworthy Oscar nominations, this week on the web saw plenty of news and a bit of cute.  We’ll help you wade through it all with this week’s Click On This!

It’s one thing to swede a trailer.  It takes a special kid of dedication to recreate an entire film.  In the case of this fan-made Toy Story, the results are both impressive and appropriate.

Many of us regularly flock to Buzzfeed for their photo posts, but how do the people taking those photos feel about having their art used for sponsored posts?  Poynter takes a stab at answering.

Not one to shy away from shoddy journalism themselves, The Hill Valley Times proves why they’ll never be added to Click’s press list.

A post this week from TheMarySue helped steer us towards these awesome prints of “patron saints”.  1731419_4755267_b

In adorable art, we LOLd at this amazing webcomic: JL8 featuring kiddie versions of our favorite DC heroes.

Ever wonder why the Hollywood sequel machine never churned out flicks that continued the saga of John Hughes’ greatest films?  We sure do!  And so did the folks at HelloGiggles.

For those pondering a career in superheroics, we offer this handy guide to choosing your Batman name.487335_325002087609219_1054316011_n

A life of crime fighting has nothing to do with how these TGIF stars turned out in this photo article from TooFab.

This news regarding Facebook’s new calling feature for iPhones has us wondering what Corey and Topanga’s status updates would have looked like.

We’ll close with a reminder of just why Jennifer Lawrence is the bomb.

Happy weekend!

With the announcement this week of the most recent crop of Academy Award nominations, Award Season has officially moved from underway to full speed ahead.  Not ones to shy away from giving our opinions, the Click team offers their thoughts on this years batch of potential Oscar winners.



First, I still hate the 10 Best Picture nominations thing and think it’s one of the worst examples of “Everyone gets a gold star!” type pandering to mediocrity in our culture today, but perhaps that’s a rant for another day. I am really pulling for Argo in the Best Picture race. Of all the films I saw this year, it’s the one that’s stayed with me the longest & strongest. I would pay a sitter so I could see it in the theater again, and that’s really saying something.

I also think there were  a lot of snubs this year. No nod for Kathryn Bigelow, Ben Affleck or Quentin Tarantino for Best Director? Boo. And there’s only three noms for Best Makeup, so there should have been plenty of room for Lincoln, where familiar faces all but disappeared into their characters, and The Hunger Games, where the world of Capitol City was brought to vibrant, dazzling life. Finally, the fact that “Into the Open Air” from Brave wasn’t nominated for best original song must just be because of one of those crazy rules where it wasn’t technically original for the movie, or the Julie Fowlis released the same song on an album, or something. Because if not? SNUB. That song is perfect.


I’m going to go ahead and drop a “what she said” on this one.  Serious snubs for some folks.

I’m super happy about Alan Arkin and Christoph Waltz, though.  Both were fantastic.

How many noms does he need to score a "BINGO"?

How many noms does he need to score a “BINGO”?


I need to catch up on a lot of Oscar nominated movies too! But, thrilled that the Silver Linings Playbook got the recognition it deserved. Bradley Cooper was amazing and it was a great movie overall! I have not seen the Beasts of the Southern Wildbut rooting for Quvenzhane Wallis, the youngest nominee for Best Actress in a leading role. Woo woo! I think that Ben Affleck got snubbed for Best Director for Argo too! Double boo! And, sooooo ecstatic that Wreck-It Ralph is up for Best Animated Feature Film. L-O-V-E that movie! CG was incredible and they did a phenomenal job bringing my childhood video game characters to life.



I need to catch up on A LOT of movies.  Christopher Waltz is great in Django Unchained and I was super excited to see that Moonrise Kingdom was nominated for best original screenplay.


I am pleasantly surprised that Silver Linings Playbook got nominated in so many categories.  I am really pulling for Bradley Cooper, it is nice to see a new face in the acting category.  I think  Moonrise Kingdom got snubbed in the all the categories.  Specifically, Bill Murray and the two young actors, Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman, who brought Wes Anderson’s quirk to life.  It is so rare to experience a moving performance from a young actor/actress.  The rest of the nominations seem pretty cut and dry.  Anne Hathaway, I hope it was worth chopping off your hair. Amy Adams, this year is your year!  I guess after looking through the whole list, the question on my mind is:  Who did Ben Affleck piss off?

Obviously Academy Voters are jealous of his ability to grow a beard.

Obviously Academy Voters did NOT think he was “da bomb in Phantoms“.


Like so many others, I feel that having 10 slots for Best Picture is often like handing out cookies just for showing up to the party.  I’m sure they’re all lovely films, but wasn’t 5 slots enough to make the competition more fierce for that coveted Nomination, let alone win?

That being said, my favorites for Best Picture are for ArgoLincoln, and Silver Linings Playbook.  While the others were fantastic films, or at least the ones I’ve seen so far, I stick by my choices.

For snubs, it’s a crime that Affleck wasn’t nominated for Best Director, that Lincoln OR Hunger Games didn’t even get recognized for Make-Up and Hair (I’m sorry, can YOU do what they did?), and that Brave’s beautiful Celtic ballad apparently buzzed completely by the recognition of the Academy.

I’m excited that Silver Linings Playbook warranted recognition for Adapted Screenplay; while the review from professionals and general public alike were 50/50 for or against, I found it charming, witty, and aggressive in all the right ways.  Quite pleased to see Marvel’s The Avengers got recognized for SOMETHING (Visual Effects), and that smaller film such as Moonrise Kingdom were recognized at all.

All in all, some good competition, looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.



Nailed it! – Beasts of the Southern Wild.  I don’t think a lot of people I know have seen it.  Those who have?  Blown.  Away.

Whiffed! – Affleck and Bigelow.  More surprised by Affleck than Bigs.  NOT sad to see Tarantino “snubbed” however.  To be fair though, Im not a fan.  He strikes me as a one trick genre guy who somehow gets acclaim because of his – admittedly – vast knowledge of film and his personality.  For me he’s the flip side of Robert Rodriguez, who is ALSO a one trick pony, but employs a trick I enjoy more.  🙂

Replay? – Amour.  Saw the trailer when I went to the re-opening of the Laemle Royale.  The end of the trailer where he turns off the recording and you realize his wife is NOT playing, and the camera lingers for almost two seconds too long?  I found that moment haunting and visceral.  And will likely trek over to see the film now.


With regard to snubs, due to my love for all things Tarantino, I was also bummed to find that he did not receive a nod for Best Director of Django Unchained.  That said, I’m definitely pulling for Christoph Waltz as Best Supporting Actor.  I was absolutely charmed by his performance as “Dr. King Schultz” and hope to see him take home a gold statue come February!

I’ll also have fingers crossed for Joaquin Phoenix’s nomination for Best Actor in The Master.  I was floored by his performance, and frankly, I’ve been in love with the guy since majorly swooning over him years ago in Inventing the Abbots. 😉



Pictured? Dreamy.


While I’m happy for all the nominees, I’m a little upset with the snubs… and I wonder if the new voting system has anything to do with this craziness…. No Affleck?!?  Or Bigelow?? Unreal.  Absolutely crazy.

And come on Academy… snubbing Leo DiCaprio because you thought he needed to earn his stripes, fine.  But after Gangs of New York, The Departed, Revolutionary Road and Inception… Its getting obvious now.  He’s paid his dues.  He creeped me OUT in Django.  Travesty he didn’t receive a nom.

Also a shout out for John Hawkes…. He was exceptional in The Sessions and also deserved a nom!


I’m just thrilled that BraveFrankenweenie and Wreck-It Ralph were nominated for Animated Feature Film! Silver Linings Playbook got so much (well deserved) love across the various categories. Now I can’t wait to see all the red carpet fashion come February 24th!



The fact that Rian Johnson didn’t get an original screenplay nomination is crazy to me. But I am so excited that ParaNorman got an animation nod. My favorite animated film of the year!


I still need to see some nominations myself (I’m supposed to see Silver Linings Playbook tonight).  But I will say that I thought Argo was great, and obviously I love Affleck so it’s disappointing he didn’t get a nomination.

I can’t believe that no one is talking about the BIGGEST snub this year.  How did “Thunder Buddies” not get nominated for best song?? It’s an instant classic that everyone sings anytime there is thunder now.   Seriously, though, I hope the Norah Jones song wins, she’s great.

Maybe it's the lyrical content?...

Maybe it’s the lyrical content?…


Sadly, I have barely seen anything this year. Of everything I saw, Skyfall and Argo top my list. Adele definitely earned her nom for Best Song, but feel the Bond blockbuster had a serious shot at making the Best Film list.

So, there’s our thoughts.  What did you think?  Tell us below who deserved their noms, and who the Academy left out.

Welcome to the New Year Clicksters!  In the first Click On This of the New Year we offer scary, exciting and adorable from the week on the interwebs!

It’s  an exciting world we live in, when the Captain of the Fictional Enterprise and an honest to goodness Space Commander can exchange Tweets for the whole world to see.



In other exciting news, fans of Middle Earth lacking the time or funds to visit New Zealand may soon get the chance to visit Hobbiton after all.  At least if Warner Bros and Universal have any say. (Via The Mary Sue)

On the what might have been front, this awesome concept art for some onscreen heroes and villains is pretty awesome! (Via Geek Tyrant)

On the adorable tip, this pics prove that even terrifying and adversarial species can be friends in the wild if raised together as pups.

Equally adorable and likely as bad an idea for playmates are the Bat-villains as drawn by Phostex.

Man, little Nygma is SO needy!

Man, little Nygma is SO needy!

Exciting to Superhero fans, but perhaps more rumor in nature, is this purported character list for the upcoming WB Justice League movie. Yeah, you had us until Ryan Reynolds return. (via Cosmic Book News)

From the other big Comic Book publisher, there’s news on the casting for James Gunn‘s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. Gotta say, we’re pulling for this guy!

We’ll leave you with the new trailer for Evil Dead. Warning, NSFW due to buckets of blood.

Happy weekend!  For those desiring a nice beverage, may we suggest these Pop Culture Inspired Cocktails? (Via Mental Floss)







Is it Friday already?  I guess when you spend Tuesday opening presents and spending time with family (or however you chose to celebrate) the week can fly past quickly.  We hope you got everything you asked for.  For those who didn’t, we humbly offer the best of this short week on the interwebs.

For anyone who got coal, we suggest spoiling yourself with either of these awesome T-shirts courtesy of Red Bubble and Shirt Woot.


This week saw some amazing acts of kindness and kinship on the web as well.  One terminally ill Trekker may get to see the new Star Trek Into Darkness before any of us thanks to Reddit and JJ Abrams.

One comic shop owner facing financial hardship is getting a boost from several industry vets in the form of original art to auction off.  The whole thing was organized by Bongo comics Bill Morrison.

The comics industry also celebrates the birthday of The Man.  If you don’t know who that is, well, you probably won’t recognize his voice either.

Not all news from the comics world was good.  Peter Parker just can’t catch a break.  If it isn’t his marriage being disolved by Satan, it’s Doctor Octopus pulling a Freaky Friday and causing his demise. Poor Puny Parker…

Superhero fans did get a new glimpse at Iron Man 3 with Marvel’s holiday post however.

You'd think Tony would at least wear a scarf...

You’d think Tony would at least wear a scarf…


Finally, fans of ZomRomComs got a treat with the release of the first four minutes of the upcoming Warm Bodies.

Hope the weekend treats you well.  And f you’re in the snow like Tony, grab a stocking cap at least!

Today probably won’t actually be the end of our time here on Earth, but it is a great time to look back at the year, take stock of all the changes we’ve been through so far, and get excited about the potential of a new year in 2013.

In 2012, we celebrated our Five Year Anniversary, we found some outstanding comic book artists in order to produce the best Comic-Con Survival Guide yet, and made friends with even more outstanding bloggers and online journalists. We added to our long list of strategic partners in order to provide even more services to our clients, and we added to our Click team as well.

You Better Watch Out

We had Scott Arnold’s outstanding artwork from our Comic-Con Survival Guide updated for the holiday card.

The end of 2012 has also brought about some departures for us. First, Jackie Cavanagh moved on to join our friends and colleagues over at MPRM. Then Haley Lierman became the fifth person at Click to be snapped up by a studio, going to Universal. Finally, today is the last day for one of the Click Originals, Dre Birskovich, who will be enjoying the considerably slower pace of yoga instruction in her new home in Northern California.

Click Party 97

Dre wields one mean croquet mallet, and will be missed dearly.

We wish all of our “Clickers 4 Life” the best in their new adventures, and are also very excited to bring some fresh faces into the Click fold in 2013. Especially since we will now be working with everyone in our new office!

To all of our friends, family, clients, press, colleagues and partners in crime, we wish you a very safe and happy holiday season!


Our digital holiday card, with art by the talented Tess Fowler, was inspired by two of our favorite Christmas movies.

Ho ho ho!

Today seems like a good day for a happy distraction.

Just one or two, or three…. or 13 new faces to welcome to our screens.

Because we’re still nerds, and we think it’s important to remember that something cool happened today, too.

With that, we have a pressing appointment.  Something about a ring and John Watson?  I dunno.  In the meantime, enjoy this video of a dog driving a car.