Gearing up the the Guide: SDCC 2013

The Click office is in an honest-to-Thor FLURRY of activity getting this year’s annual Comic-Con Survival Guide finalized. The final punch out of proofing, rewrites & edits just has us more and more excited about how it’s going to turn out. I know we say this every year, but this year’s is seriously going to be the best yet!

To get an idea of how The Guide has evolved, here is the cover of our first effort in 2008:

Click CCSG Cover 2008

Why yes, I DID personally lay out and assemble all of the copy and images into a cohesive document using PowerPoint. A graphic designer I’m not, but when it comes to a PPT, I’m a ninja.

The guide rolled out like that for the next two years as well, until we wised up and had our friend Marc give us a hand with the design in 2011:

Click CCSG Cover 2011

Pretty, no? Last year, our friend Brian Klotz flew in like the hero he is to do the layout, and we got the redoubtable Scott Arnold to do an original cover for us. The result was nothing short of epic:

Click CCSG Cover 2012

So how do we top that? Well, this year we harnessed the creative power of Jessica at Little Hinka designs and even more original artwork from our friends over at Art of Fiction. The result, well. You’ll just have to wait until Monday to see.

In the meantime, if you missed any previous Guide editions and want to get caught up, feel free to download them all here!

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