Click On This: October 14, 2011 Edition

Every day the staff here at Click are finding and sharing links they find interesting. Some are industry relevant, some are just good for a chuckle. We’ve decided to collect a handful of them to share.

-What’s that? You’d like to see a photo of the reunited Princess Bride cast? As you wish.

-This week Apple officially released its iOS5, which includes all sorts of new features. However, it’s not without a few issues.

-Check out The Avengers first official trailer. In fact, it was so loved, it was downloaded more than 10 million times in 24 hours!

-Speaking of superheroes. This Seattle-based, self-proclaimed superhero will continue on with his late-night patrols after a run-in with the police.

-Amazon’s new robotic delivery lockers are alllivvveeeee.

-Netflix, we sure do appreciate you doing away with that whole Qwikster nonsense.

-We sure are envious of our fellow geeks attending New York Comic Con this weekend!

– And finally, your Weekend Moment of Zen:
We just can’t get enough of the beloved Muppets. November 23rd, you can’t come soon enough!

Have a great weekend!

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