Click on This: November 5, 2010 Edition

Every day the staff here at Click are finding and sharing links they find interesting. Some are industry relevant, some are just good for a chuckle. We’ve decided to collect a handful of them to share.

– Check out the new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch and, if that’s not enough to get you excited about the flick, the inimitable Todd Gilchrist provides three more reasons to be psyched about the film over at Cinematical.

– Technorati breaks down blogging trends in their State of the Blogosphere 2010. I wonder if it includes any of these 11 Practical Business Uses for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

– Has anyone upgraded to Microsoft Office 2011 yet? Lifehacker has some pretty positive words to say about it.

– Disney plans to open their first China theme park.

– Speaking of the Mouse House, they also have this movie coming out this year. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

– We’re incredibly proud of this incredibly proud mom’s blog about her son. It’s an amazing read and she’s gotten over 27,000 comments!

– And finally, your weekend Moment of Zen: 10 Dolls That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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