Click On This: November 4, 2011 Edition

Every day the staff here at Click are finding and sharing links they find interesting. Some are industry relevant, some are just good for a chuckle. We’ve decided to collect a handful of them to share.

-It’s officially “Movember”. Need some inspiration for your stache? Check out these top 10 movie moustaches.

-Is there anything Wolfram Alpha and Siri can’t do?

-If PBR thinks they’ll sell more beer with a video including a young Patrick Swayze…..well, they’re absolutely right. Swoon!

-Flies found dead in Washington D.C were attacked by a mind controlling fungus. Well, that’s just a little unsettling, now isn’t it?

-Addicted to Angry Birds? Find out why!

-Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon bring you, History of Rap, Part Three.

-Attention all Amazon Prime subscribers, Amazon just did you a solid.

-And finally, your Weekend Moment of Zen:
The kid at the end is incredible. He keeps it real in regard to how uncool it is to eat someone else’s Halloween candy.

Have a great weekend!

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