Click On This: March 22, 2013 Edition

Our Video Gamer friends on the East Coast (and those who ventured there from the West Coast) are enjoying PAX East.  Half the Click Staff is fully embroiled in March Madness.  And all of us have made it successfully to Friday!  With all that in mind, let’s dive into this week’s Click On This!

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep calm and carry on.  For those struggling, here’s a helpful of 22 things that happy people do differently.  Definitely food for thought.  Speaking of food AND thought, we discovered this not-quite-safe-for-work (due to language) blog: Thug Kitchen.  It’s definitely worth checking out for laughs and recipes.

Also worth checking out is today’s epic Shirt Woot offering.

Yeah.  It glows in the dark!
Yeah. It glows in the dark!

While everyone at Click can get excited for nerdery like this shirt.  But when half the staff started talking about our brackets this week, the other half was all, “What are sp-orts?”  While it specifically deals with Football and not Basketball, this fantastic Penny Arcade strip takes the foreign seeming sp-orts and makes the concept relatable to our nerdier brethren.

While this is only a fan created piece, this epic CG poster from Greg Thomas makes us squee at the thought of Masters Of The Universe Legos!


Speaking of nerd fantasies, here’s two great ideas.  The first adds fuel to the nerd rumor from a while back that Peter Jackson woud like to direct an Episode of Doctor Who.  While some performers work for peanuts, Jackson seems willing to take a Dalek as his payment.  Screencrush makes a compelling case for why Jennifer Lawrence is the best choice to play Young Han Solo in the spinoff film from Lucasfilm and Disney.

For those tiring of Post-It Notes, Google announced via Blog this week that their new note taking app is now readily available for smart phones.  Take that pad and paper!

Those of you in the LA area with time on your hands tomorrow, should head up to Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka for an awesome Star Wars signing featuring Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko.

Finally we’ll leave you with this awesome video from the new series Man At Arms, where a talented weapon-smith makes practical, fully realized versions of famous nerd weapons.  In the past he’s fashioned Finn’s sword, Batman’s Batarangs, and Odd Job’s killer bowler.  This week sees him tackle the famous Power Sword He-man wields.

Happy weekend!

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