Click on This: January 6, 2012 Edition

Every day the staff here at Click are finding and sharing links they find interesting. Some are industry relevant, some are just good for a chuckle. We’ve decided to collect a handful of them to share.

-Oh, New York Times, we find the admittance of your “My Little Pony” mistake, adorable. This one is pretty good, too.

-Speaking of “My Little Pony”, thanks to the tip from our friends at The Comedy Store, you can now personalize a Pony in your image. The best thing we never knew we needed.

-Cold and flu season is upon us. Keep this in mind before you operate any heavy machinery.

-To our geeky friends on the east coast, may we recommend this furry frock to keep you warm during the harsh winter?

-It’s no secret that folks everywhere have gone gaga for the Gosling. Geeks, prepare to get your swoon on as he whispers sweet nerdy nothing’s your way.

-Check out the first Oscars trailer! explores the difference a word can make.

-With the film The Devil Inside now in theaters, check out 25 things you didn’t know about exorcism movies. breaks down the eight most common ways to go viral.

-Tech savy and in need of a New Year’s Resolution? Look no further.

-And finally, your Weekend Moment of Zen: Incoming!!!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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