Click On This: April 5, 2013 Edition!

Its April already.  How time flies.  It’ll be Summer Movie Season before we know it!  In this week’s rundown of all things online, we have heaps of nerd news, the best of this year’s online April Fool’s Day gags, and of course cats.  Cause internet. Every year, websites and companies with a strong tech and web presence pull out all the stops to trump their competitors and offer the very best April 1st gag ever.  If you didn’t have time to scour the net, no need to worry, our friends at Film School Rejects collected the best in one place. Know any nerds?  Wanna make their heads explode?  Show them this picture.

Sure, it's kind of old.  But still great!
Sure, it’s kind of old. But still great!

Fans of horror have an new Evil Dead to look forward to this weekend.  LA horror fans who’d rather live the action can start booking tickets now for the Great Horror Campout.  Sorry SF, Chi Town, and the Big apple. While not quite horror, the folks at Gritty Reboots have put their spin on Calvin and Hobbes.  And we gotta say, we’d watch the heck out of it!

There was so much news for TV fans this week.  History’s epic series “Vikings” was renewed for a second season.  As the 50th anniversary of BBC’s “Dr. Who” approaches, anglophiles scour tumblr and Twitter feeds for any news.  And boy has there been some.  Finally, rejoice never nudes!  Netflix has announced the date for new episodes of “Arrested Development!” This week, the entertainment world saw the loss of two incredibly influential people.  Carmine Infantino and Roger Ebert.  Infantino helped usher in Comic’s Silver Age and created some of the most recognizable superheroes and villains of all time.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 1.04.31 PM Comics Alliance ran a great tribute here. Ebert is synonymous with Modern Film criticism.  Of course he was known to be wrong about films sometimes too. 😉

Last week, we at Click christened our new Office Digs with a party for some of our clients and friends.  If you weren’t there, you can check out the pics here. We’ll leave you with some cat cosplay.  You’re welcome.  Happy weekend!

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