Click On This: April 11, 2013 Edition!

This week the internet saw made up holidays, a Browncoat crackdown, and the NHL making a stand against discrimination.  Read on Clicksters to see what this week was like on the web.

Did you celebrate Rex Manning Day on Monday?  Do you know what Rex Manning Day is? Fans of the cult 90’s record store comedy Empire Records sure do, and our friends at the Huffington Post offered a fitting tribute for this year’s observance.

Browncoats saw their blood rise this week, when Fox offered a seeming slap in the face by cracking down on Etsy sellers making unlicensed Jayne Hats.   While many articles including this one at i09 are clearly siding against the corporate giant that cancelled the beloved show over 10 years ago, other fans are pointing out the fact that cease and desist letters are common when making money off something you don’t own.  The issue is clouded by the fact that the hat wasn’t created by the show’s prop department, but was in fact, purchased from a boutique seller that made ugly hats.  Food for thought, eh?

Sometimes we see things online that leave us at a loss for words.  Obviously these cats in pin-up poses had that affect.  Judge for yourself.

 by Zoe Mozart


Way back in 1993, the Super Mario Brothers Movie had a similar affect on us.  Twenty years after this noted Hollywood disaster, this article at Grantland aims to decipher what exactly went wrong with this epic flop.  Our belief?  Too much Luigi!

There’s nothing wrong with this Game of Thrones Disney style song featuring the tale of Daenerys.

The NHL steeped up this week and made their stance on discrimination based on sexual orientation very clear by officially partnering with the You Can Play Poject.  Now if more athletes in other sports would take this cue and start acting like Chris Kluwe, we might get somewhere!

Be honest female fans.  How many of these posters did you own of Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, and Teen Scene stars?

Looking for love?  How about looking for a laugh.  If your answer is yes to one or both, you should check out the newest dating sim Jurassic Heart.

You can't make this stuff up.
You can’t make this stuff up.

It is a sad day that sees the passing of comedy great Jonathan Winters.  The Nerdist sums it up best. “Jonathan Winters was… well, let’s say that before there was Robin Williams (whose son Winters played on Mork and Mindy), there was Jonathan Winters, whose often anarchic comedy was unique for its time and incredibly influential.”

Boss making your day rough?  Co-worker getting under your skin?  Dad making you stay home for a family dinner and miss the show you wanted to go to with your friends?  No need to say something that will land you in hot water!  Simply use one of these classic Shakespeare lines.  They’ll have no idea what you’re saying and won’t know to be offended until the headed back to the laptop to decipher what you just said.  Then they feel doubly dumb.  Zing!  (The use of cat memes are entirely up to you.)

Of course some people don’t like to take their frustrations out on others.  No worries, for you we offer Cute Overload.  Prepare to squee.

Finally, ABC Family aired Batman Begins, and well, as you can see it seems like a much different film based on this promo.

“He fights for family and lives for love” indeed…  Happy Friday!


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